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Prevent Medication Poisonings in Your Home

Some products (for example, gummy vitamins) can trick a child into thinking that medicines are food or candy, so many poisonings happen with medications. For a child, taking even a small amount of the wrong medicine can be deadly.   Keeping Children Safe DO keep medicines and chemicals in a locked or safe place where…


What to Do for Nighttime Leg Cramps

How do I know if I’m having nighttime leg cramps or a different problem? Nighttime leg cramps are a painful tightening of muscles in the leg. They usually happen in the calf, but may happen in the foot or thigh while you’re sleeping. Nighttime leg cramps are different than restless legs syndrome; restless legs syndrome…


Cautions with Cough and Cold Meds for Children

There are many medicines for coughs and colds that you can buy without a prescription. These medicines are for a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, or cough. Even though some of these medicines come in a liquid form, they may not be safe for children under 6 years old. Since there is no solid proof…


How to Use Eye Meds

Follow these steps to get the best effects from your eye drops or eye ointment: Wash your hands and the area around your eyes. Remove your contact lenses, unless you have been told it is okay to keep them in. If the bottle says to shake well, gently roll the bottle in your hands for…


Managing Earwax

When should my ears be cleaned? For many people, the inner part of your ear should never need to be cleaned. Earwax is normal. It helps keep your ears clean and healthy. Most of the time, earwax moves slowly from the inside of the ear to the outer ear by itself; however, sometimes the earwax…


How to Use a Neti Pot

What is a neti pot? A neti pot looks like a small genie lamp or teapot. It’s used to hold salt water (saline solution) that is poured into one nostril and allowed to drain out of the other nostril. This technique may help with sinus symptoms by clearing out your nasal passages, reducing swelling, and…


How Can You Prevent Another Kidney Stone?

How Can You Prevent Another Kidney Stone?   What is a kidney stone? A main job of the kidney is filtering wastes from the blood. The wastes often come from the food we eat and are passed into the urine. In some people, certain wastes can form a stone in the kidney. Depending on what…



Have Diabetes? Take Care of Your Feet!

How can diabetes hurt my feet? People with diabetes are at risk for foot infections. Too much sugar in the blood for a long time can cause nerve damage which reduces feeling, especially in your feet. You may not feel pain, or hot or cold. You might hurt your foot and not even know it.…



Dental Visits and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are sometimes used before dental visits to prevent infections. These infections are caused when germs from the mouth get into the blood and travel to the heart or an artificial joint. Taking antibiotics may only help prevent heart or joint infections in a small number of people; because of this, many people no longer need…