How Can You Prevent Another Kidney Stone?

How Can You Prevent Another Kidney Stone?   What is a kidney stone? A main job of the kidney is filtering wastes from the blood. The wastes often come from the food we eat and are passed into the urine. In some people, certain wastes can form a stone in the kidney. Depending on what…


What You Should Know About Statins

What Are Statins? Statins are drugs that decrease “bad” cholesterol. Statins help prevent heart attacks and strokes. Several statins are on the market. Are Statins Safe? Statins are safe drugs for the most part. Some people have stomach upset, gas, heartburn, or diarrhea with their statin. If you have these symptoms, take your statin with…



Have Diabetes? Take Care of Your Feet!

How can diabetes hurt my feet? People with diabetes are at risk for foot infections. Too much sugar in the blood for a long time can cause nerve damage which reduces feeling, especially in your feet. You may not feel pain, or hot or cold. You might hurt your foot and not even know it.…



Dental Visits and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are sometimes used before dental visits to prevent infections. These infections are caused when germs from the mouth get into the blood and travel to the heart or an artificial joint. Taking antibiotics may only help prevent heart or joint infections in a small number of people; because of this, many people no longer need…


blood pressure cuff

Blood Pressure Medications

Blood pressure medicines are some of the most commonly used drugs; however, about one-quarter of people who take meds to lower their blood pressure stop taking them within six months. Up to one-half stop taking them within one year. Why are blood pressure medicines so important? Keeping your blood pressure normal can help you stay…


man checking hair for lice

Treating Head Lice

What are head lice? Head lice are tiny bugs the size of a sesame seed. Young lice are clear, but as they feed on blood they become reddish-brown to black. Head lice don’t cause health problems, but they can be annoying. Getting head lice does not mean a person is dirty; it means they have…


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Staying Safe in the Sun

People associate the sun with sports, lazy days at the beach, and keeping fit. Too much sun, however, is not good; the rays of the sun, called “UV” rays, can hurt your skin. UVB rays mostly cause sunburn. UVA rays can cause early skin aging and skin cancer. Keeping safe from the sun The best…



Choosing and Using Insect Repellents

Protecting yourself from insect bites is important. Insect bites are itchy and uncomfortable; additionally, they can spread diseases like West Nile or Zika viruses (mosquitoes) and Lyme (ticks). How should I choose an insect repellent? Choose an insect repellent based on the amount of time you need protection. How long a product works depends on the…


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Tips for Getting to a Healthy Weight

About two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, so it’s easy to see why so many people want to lose at least a couple of pounds, and sometimes more. Losing weight is not easy. We have fast-paced lives, and time for exercise and preparing healthy meals can be hard to come by; however, if you put your mind…