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Blood Pressure Medications

Blood pressure medicines are some of the most commonly used drugs; however, about one-quarter of people who take meds to lower their blood pressure stop taking them within six months. Up to one-half stop taking them within one year. Why are blood pressure medicines so important? Keeping your blood pressure normal can help you stay…


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Treating Head Lice

What are head lice? Head lice are tiny bugs the size of a sesame seed. Young lice are clear, but as they feed on blood they become reddish-brown to black. Head lice don’t cause health problems, but they can be annoying. Getting head lice does not mean a person is dirty; it means they have…


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Staying Safe in the Sun

People associate the sun with sports, lazy days at the beach, and keeping fit. Too much sun, however, is not good; the rays of the sun, called “UV” rays, can hurt your skin. UVB rays mostly cause sunburn. UVA rays can cause early skin aging and skin cancer. Keeping safe from the sun The best…


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Tips for Getting to a Healthy Weight

About two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, so it’s easy to see why so many people want to lose at least a couple of pounds, and sometimes more. Losing weight is not easy. We have fast-paced lives, and time for exercise and preparing healthy meals can be hard to come by; however, if you put your mind…


Surviving Shift Work

About one in five people work during the evening or night, or in early morning hours. Some are “night owls” and adjust easily, but many people get sleepy during work time or are unable to sleep between work shifts. This can lead to accidents, mistakes at work, and moodiness or being irritable. There are some…


What You Need to Know About IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects more than one in ten people. People with IBS have symptoms such as bloating, cramping, gas, abdominal pain, and either diarrhea or constipation.   What causes IBS? The cause of IBS isn’t clear. What is known is that your stress level and the foods you eat may affect your symptoms.…


What You Should Know about Unapproved Drugs

I’ve heard that unapproved drugs are being sold in the U.S. Is this true? Yes, it is true. Most drugs on the U.S. market have been approved by the FDA; however, some medications, mostly older ones, have not. These unapproved drugs were being sold BEFORE the current FDA approval process began about 50 years ago.…


How to Kick the Smoking Habit

Why should I quit smoking? Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Smoking can cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and many other health problems. Secondhand smoke can be dangerous too. It can cause lung cancer and heart disease in adults. It can make asthma worse or…


What You Need to Know About Benzodiazepines

What is a benzodiazepine? Benzodiazepines (ben-zoh-die-az-uh-peens) or “benzos” are a type of sedative. They are often used for sleep, or to treat anxiety or muscle spasms. They have other, less common uses too. Are benzodiazepines safe? Like all medications, benzos have risks. These risks include: • Feeling sleepy, dizzy, clumsy, or confused; this can cause…