Baron’s Pharmacy is fantastic. I’m happy I can call anytime with questions. Everyone is pleasant to deal with. I love the delivery service they provide. I’m sensitive to so many medicines, so they let me know if there are any changes with different generic drug manufacturers. Amy has set up all my prescriptions to be filled together so I don’t have to make extra trips to the pharmacy.

Alberta B.

I appreciate the great service that Baron’s Pharmacy provides for my patients. They go the extra mile to help patients afford their medications, and they also offer the great service of delivery. Once, they delivered a medication to a patient of mine on a weekend that lived 40 miles away.

Dr. Cardwell

I love the pharmacy. Tim and the girls are wonderful. Several times when I needed my prescriptions done quickly, they were. They are helpful when you need them. I know I can call anytime that I have a question, and they will always help me. Very professional and yet down to earth.

Barb B.

The staff is knowledgable, kind, and goes above and beyond to be helpful. I am always greeted with a smile.

Carole P.

We really like how promptly prescriptions get mailed to us.

Pamela L.

As a practicing physician in Hibbing MN for three years, when I recommended a pharmacy, I was looking for quality service, and at times personal attention. The only pharmacy in Hibbing that provided this consistently was Baron’s. Not only was their staff very knowledgeable, they were very friendly and caring. When a patient needed personal attention, they were always there to provide the essence of quality, in addition to unequaled personal care. This is a rare quality in this day and age. Not only is Baron’s the best pharmacy in Hibbing, I wish that their model would be the standard of care in this country, but due to multiple factors it is only a fading picture of the past that should be enjoyed by patients as long as it lasts. Hibbing is very lucky to have such a pharmacy.

Dr. Vodvarka

I love the staff. Good mixture of professionalism, and being kind and personable. Very accurate. I can’t say enough good things about the staff.

Jean S.

Good people there!

They always try to help, specifically by helping older people save money and by helping people afford their medications.

Judy D.

The staff at Baron’s is quick and courteous. Also, they help find the drug that is the cheapest choice.

Julie K.

It’s the best pharmacy around. Everyone is pleasant. As nice as ever. Craig called my mom and helped her save money on her meds. My husband ran out of his meds and was happily helped out after hours.

Geraldine A.

Best pharmacy I have ever been to. All pharmacists are great. They are like counselors. Compassionate, caring, helpful, and efficient. The prices are right. If there are any problems or concerns, they are there to help.


Nothing but good things to say about the staff. They are the most professional and pleasant people to deal with. The staff have seen me in another setting outside of the pharmacy, and they recognized me and came and talked to me. They made me feel like it isn’t just a business transaction. I love them all.

Floyd W.